design and engineering

TIP inženiring have been mostly involved in design and consulting engineering in the sense of comprehensive project management for more than 10 years, from conceptual design, acquisition of grants, design, tender management for selection of contractors, to supervision of implementation or realisation of the investment.

We focused a great deal of our work on preparation of documentation for application for grant tenders that are co-financed from the European Union, in particular on energy restorations of public buildings regarding efficient utilization and renewable energy sources.




For energetic restorations, we provide services from recording the current situation, calculation of construction physics, we propose restoration measures and we assess then in the sense of energy assessments, assessments of value for receiving grants even in the sense of eligible and non-eligible costs, to final projects for implementation with checks and design calculations, including cooperation with contractors at the sites until the final result – an energy efficient building.

This provided us with a lot of experience in efficient energy utilisation and renewable energy sources, and with knowing the logic of co-financiers in energy restoration field



Visualization and BIM technology

We used 3D modelling and visualisations for design, and recently we have been introducing design in the BIM technology or BIM modelling.

Cooperation with contractual partners and subcontractors

We cooperate with regular contractual partners and other trustworthy subcontractors to offer comprehensive services, mostly for the design of machine and electrical installations, preparation of investment documentation, and regarding legal issues in tenders or public procurements